How do we go from theory to practice? Representatives of the projects RELaTED and ReUseHeat shared their experience with their pilot sites of Belgrade and Berlin. 


Following the release of important legislative actions, like the Fit for 55 package in July 2021, boosting innovation in energy sources and energy-saving sectors has been key. Innovative technologies and systems entail great challenges. District Heating and Cooling is no exception. Pilot and demonstration sites, although not running smoothly all the time, are great steps to test, improve, and expand our knowledge on innovative technologies.

How do we go from theory to practice? Last 28th of October 2021, representatives of the RELaTED and ReUseHeat projects shared their experience on the respective pilot sites of Belgrade and Berlin in the webconference ‘Innovative District Heating and Cooling’. They explained the work that has been done in the past years, some challenges they may have faced, but more importantly the results they have obtained.