Antonio Garrido Marijuan, represented RELaTED project on the DHC networks workshop organized by the H2020 project WEDISTRICT at the Sustainable Places.

WEDISTRICT workshopThis workshop was focused on the lessons learnt from these two European projects together with the Match UP Project. Antonio as researcher of TECNALIA summarised the work done on the data-analysis of the different demos included in RELaTED, highlighting the importance of automatic data inspection for the optimization of DH operation.

During the workshop, the speakers showed a variety of approaches to integration of renewables into the DHC, as well as creation of new business models across the EU that make replication of these innovative solutions plausible. WEDISTRICT organised this event together with the projects MATCHUPRewardHeat and RELaTED, presenting their approaches to the renewable DHC. The workshop took place within the frames of the Sustainable Places Conference.