Watch and listen to the Low Temperature District Heating webinar, hosted by Celsius Initiative in partnership with COOL DH. Learn about how smart cities can transition to low temperature district heating, by the hand of Christian Holm Christiansen, Senior Consultant at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI),  and RELaTED Project partner.

Decarbonised district heating systems are already here. As a matter of fact, low temperature district heating can prove to be an important part in keeping the globe’s temperature low as well.

This webinar presents some of the opportunities and challenges cities may encounter in their endeavour towards a sustainable and efficient energy system. It covers how to plan for the deployment of new DHC systems, as well as the extension and refurbishing of existing ones to a higher standard, using local low-grade heat sources.

Watch and listen to:

  • Sten Gravenslund Olesen, Project Manager in Smart Energy Systems at COWI, presenting the concept and technologies behind low temperature district heating and the various benefits it presents. (11m15s)
  • Christian Holm Christiansen – Senior Specialist at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), describing some of the obstacles that can be encountered and that need to be solved beforehand. (29m28s)
  • Sara Kralmark – Project manager within business development at Kraftringen, presenting innovative business model solutions associated to LTDH systems, with focus on the COOL DH demo site of Brunnshög in Lund, Sweden. (40m45s)
  • Gabriele Pesce – Project Officer at Euroheat & Power, as moderator.

Click here for the presentation slides.