The COVID-19 pandemic forced the RELaTED partners to gather virtually for their 6th General Assembly. The agenda for these days included an intense series of partners discussion, online workshops and technical coordination.

This time, the RELaTED team worked by virtual meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the circumstances, partners connected by video meeting from home and keep the project on track, focusing on the execution and technical coordination of the next months of work.

During this four-day virtual meeting, the partners presented to the consortium their progress in the different work packages. They also explained their advances in the RELaTED Ultra-Low Temperature district heating solution and established a work plan for the following semester.

After these intense series of online workshops and virtual meetings, the consortium is satisfied with the progress made by all the project partners. The ultra-low temperature district heating solution proposed by the RELaTED project is closer than ever! Congratulations!

About the project

RELaTED project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, aims to develop a robust ultra-low temperature concept, which allows for the incorporation of low-grade heat sources with minimal constraints. The solution also can pave the way for expanding and modernizing existing district heating networks as well as introducing and establishing district heating in emerging EU markets.

14 partners representing district heating suppliers, energy agencies, research institutions and associations from 9 countries work together to provide this innovative DH solution that will contribute to improving the energy efficiency of European district heating networks.