The seminar, which will take place on June 27th at the Chamber of Gipuzkoa, (San Sebastian, Spain), aims to disseminate knowledge about geothermal energy, one of the most efficient renewable energies, usable everywhere on earth, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Metro Therm microbooster

Novel microbooster heat pump developed by Metro Therm, partner in the RELaTED project. Credits: Metro Therm A/S.

Next June 27th, the Energy Agency of the Basque Government (EVE), partner in the RELaTED Project, in cooperation with the Spanish Technical Association of HVAC and Refrigeration (ATECYR), will host a seminar on geothermal energy.

The event, which will take place at the Chamber of Gipuzkoa, will provide technical information about heat pump technology and the implications of the Ecodesign Regulation, examples of geothermal systems and information about support schemes for this type of installations offered by the EVE.

Under the heading of heat pump, Roberto Garay, coordinator of the RELaTED Project, will introduce the heat pump system in low temperature thermal networks, proposed by the innovative concept developed by the RELaTED Project.

In addition to the EVE, ATECYR and RELaTED, the seminar will also be attended by other relevantly skilled professionals and agencies such as the Association of Manufacturers of Air Conditioning Equipment (AFEC), the company VAILLANT SAUNIER DUVAL, the Research & Innovation Technology Centre TECNALIA, the Centre for Public Works Studies and Experimentation (CEDEX) and geothermal engineering companies GEINOR, INGEKA and TELUR.

The event is addressed to those groups in charge of the installation and design, from architecture firms or engineering companies, systems for the efficient use of heat located under the solid surface of the earth.


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