This document presents the use of distributed energy sources and the possibilities for integration and control in district heating systems. The report also explains the legal and practical barriers and solutions as well as pricing options for energy sales.


Different surplus heat sources

Different surplus heat sources.

Different distributed energy sources are described and discussed in relation to integration along with other heat sources and how these supplementary heat sources can be controlled and utilised in a DH system.

Description of legal and practical barriers along with pricing models for local DH production are presented to clarify the challenges these barriers represent. A few cases from some of the participating countries are used to show how these barriers can be handled in practice. Seasonal storage can be a possible solution for some of these challenges but are not discussed in this report

A set of sketches showing possible connections of distributed energy sources to district heating networks are compiled to help understanding the necessary technological solutions described in this report.

The information gathered in this report will be used to investigate further the architecture of the RELaTED ULT concept, design and adaption of subsystems to facilitate the use of distributed energy resources, analyse the economic feasibility and business case and prepare and conduct demonstrations, of the RELaTED project.