Ljubisa Vladic, Deputy of Production and Distribution Manager at PUC Beogradske Elektrane, presented the advances of the RELaTED ultra-low temperature district heating concept in Belgrade, into the session titled “Energy Solutions for Cities of the Future”, organized as part of the 50th International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition.

The RELaTED project was presented during the Panel III, including the 20-year District Energy Action Plan for Belgrade, the feasibility of solar thermal integration in district heating and the pre-feasibility study on interconnection of the district energy system in Belgrade. These presentations were delivered by a team of international experts, to be followed by Q&A and feedback from participants.

The 50th International Congress and Exhibition on Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (HVAC&R) Congress and Exhibition took place in Sava Center, Belgrade, on December 4‒6, 2019. Thematic fields coverede new solutions based on RES – solar and geothermal energy sources; modern district heating and cooling systems; recommendations for energy consumption predictions in residential, business and public buildings; buildings of future, smart buildings and cities; cooling systems of today and tomorrow; new, smart HVAC&R systems in buildings; relations between human body and buildings… The selected themes correspond to actual demands in world and in Serbia.