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RELaTED and 5th generation district heating and cooling – Iurreta demo case

Low temperature district heating and cooling networks are a promising technology to reduce the energy consumption on one of its top demand sectors: buildings. AUTHOR: Antonio Garrido Marijuan, researcher in RELaTED. This article was previously published in the September 2021 issue of Celsius newsletter. The main objective of the RELaTED project (financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under GA-768567, www.relatedproject.eu) is to develop those concepts that path the way to the massive uptake of highly optimised, low-temperature networks that provide heating and cooling at the district level, the so-called 5th-generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC). This includes new solar systems easily integrated at building level developed by Inaventa (https://inaventasolar.com), innovative substations that optimize multi-directional flows [...]

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Advancing District Heating & Cooling Solutions and Uptake in European Cities

Celsius Initiative has collected and analysed the EU funded projects in the sector of district heating and cooling that are innovative in the recently published Overview of Support Activities and Projects of the European Commission on District Heating & Cooling. This brochure provides a high-level overview and analysis of the projects, including RELaTED project. A growing number of cities worldwide are adopting modern district energy solutions, as the best way to bring sustainable heating and cooling to these dense urban areas. The refurbishment, construction and expansion of district energy network, combining district heating and district cooling, integrating and balancing a large share of renewable power, serving as thermal storage, are prerequisites for the smart energy systems of the future. The [...]

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Innovador desarrollo de red de calor de alta eficiencia en Iurreta, Bizkaia

Las instalaciones de la Ertzaintza en Iurreta (Bizkaia), contarán con una innovadora red de calor y frío de alta eficiencia que permitirá demostrar que es posible reducir la temperatura de suministro de este tipo de redes hasta aproximadamente los 40ºC. Continúan los trabajos para la puesta en marcha de una innovadora red de calor en las instalaciones de la Ertzaintza, en Iurreta (Bizkaia), desarrollada en el marco del proyecto RELaTED. El objetivo del proyecto, que cuenta con financiación de la Unión Europea, es aplicar los últimos conceptos en redes de calor a baja temperatura y comprobar de manera práctica que es posible maximizar la eficiencia de las de las mismas. Iurreta servirá de banco de pruebas para demostrar que es [...]

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The upgrade of the DH network in Iurreta reaches its turning point

With the upgrades in distribution and piping constructed to a large extent, Iurreta will see its heating system stopped this week to modify its operational principles & adapt it to the RELaTED Ultra Low Temperature DH concept. The last three months have seen the replacement of many devices, installation of new piping, and heavy works by the on-site team. A short overhaul of one week will serve to make the necessary arrangements to adapt heat production to low temperature, the integration of solar thermal systems to the network and many other upgrades so that this 30 year-old system is upgraded to a new era. New low temperature system (left) ready for connection to the existing system (right). [...]

2021-06-29T12:25:21+00:00June 29th, 2021|News|

eTEACHER final conference: Energy-efficient strategies to improve the behaviour of energy users

Are you interested in energy-efficient strategies to improve the behaviour of energy users? Either you are a policymaker, a building manager or an energy company, join the eTEACHER final conference, this webinar is for you. Improving energy behaviour is possible, easy and beneficial thanks to ICT. After four intensive years of work, eTEACHER came to an end. As the last step, the project shares the results achieved and the lessons learnt with its community. The webinar will explore the world of energy-saving app, present the methodology used and the energy toolkit developed. The speakers will provide also suggestions to policymakers to incentivise behavioural change and share lessons learnt by several H2020 energy projects. About the project eTEACHER is a European [...]

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NIBE delivers customized reversible heat pumps for ultra low temperature district heating

Author: Ted Holmberg and David Kroon, NIBE Research department. In April, NIBE delivered the last district heating reversible heat pump (DHRHP) and accessories to the last demo site Iurreta, Bilbao in the RELaTED project. These heat pumps together with the earlier heat pump, that was shipped to the DTI demo site in Copenhagen, were specifically adapted for the Ultra low temperature district heating (ULTDH) application. This means that these heat pumps typical source temperatures between 0 – 10 ℃ have been increased to 30 – 40 ℃. Also, safety functions have been implemented to utilize pure water as source media instead of commonly used frost protected liquids. Ted Holmberg (left picture) and David Kroon (right picture) at the Research [...]

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The RELaTED Consortium reviews the latest project advances at the 8th General Assembly

Because of the sanitary conditions, the RELaTED project 8th General Assembly (GA) was held in a form of a teleconference on 8 June 2021. During this day the Consortium went through all work packages and reviewed the last technical advancesThe main purpose of this virtual GA was to carry out a formal review of project status including ongoing activities as well as the ones that were accomplished during the last 6 months. As the project is extended until mid 2022, partners had a chance to discuss about the current progression of the 6 work packages and highlight the status of each of the demostration sites in Belgrade (Serbia), Tartu (Estonia), Vinge (Denmark) and Iurreta (Basque Country, Spain). RELaTED team also [...]

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Energy price assessment associated with District Heating in Europe

The energy price assessment provides a review of the fuel types and their costs for the main heat production systems and primary energy sources associated with District Heating (DH) systems in Europe. Within this study, a review of heat production technologies and fuels is presented where the present, medium, and long-term energy costs for district heating networks are identified. Photograph: Flo Dnd in Pexels. The 4th generation District Heating and ULTDH have shown to be a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and a cost-effective solution for heating and cooling. But to achieve this, conversion of DHNs is needed. To facilitate the conversion towards ULTDH, the RELaTED project has developed an innovative concept of decentralized ULTDH networks, which allows for [...]

2021-06-03T11:29:32+00:00June 3rd, 2021|News|

Inaventa Solar starts a new project based on the results of its collaboration with RELaTED

The Norwegian manufacturer of solar collectors Inaventa Solar has recently started a new project, titled DisolBat (distributed solar and “blue batteries”), which builds on the results of its international collaboration with RELaTED project.  Editor’s Note: This article was previously published at Inaventa Solar website. Work on RELaTED has led to the identification of innovative technical solutions for solar district heating. However, effective business models for the deployment of these solutions have not yet been established. Developing business models that take into account contributions along the entire value chain will therefore be the primary focus of DisolBat, which has been granted the maximum amount of funding available from the Research Council of Norway. Collaboration with the district heating industry Inaventa Solar's [...]

2021-05-06T10:43:31+00:00May 6th, 2021|News|

WEBINAR: Solar energy solutions for decarbonizing ULT DHC

How did the RELaTED pilot site in Denmark use solar power to deliver heat on the ULT DHC network? How can it help foster the EU renovation wave? Watch the recording to know it all. The EU Renovation wave, initiated in October 2020 by the European Commission, has targeted heating and cooling as a key sector in accelerating the renovation rate of buildings in Europe to notably cut CO2 emissions. One of the main aspects is to support the penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) in heating and cooling, including for district heating and cooling (DHC) networks. Solar energy appears to be a great technology for this aim. Its incorporation on existing DHC networks is a solution tested notably in [...]

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